Tom Pacheco Rebel Spring

Produced byJim Weider

Digital Editing by Robert Frazza

Mixing and recording by Robert Frazza at his Studio in Woodstock, NY

Additional recording at MoonHaw Studio, W. Hurley, NY by Jim Weider & Robert Frazza

Musician's: Jim Weider–guitars, mandolin, and background vocals.
Steve Rust–bass's acoustic and bowed.
Meg Johnson–background vocals.
The Resistance–Background vocals on "Not My Name."
Bruce Milner–keyboard synthesizer.
Tom Pacheco–guitar, harmonica, vocals.

All songs © Tom Pacheco, 2005 M.C.P.S. I.M.R.O.


* Rebel Spring

*  North Dakota  

* Woody and Jack

* Cheaper In China

* God and Flag and Country

* Uncle Joe

* That's What's Life Is

* Six Bucks An Hour

* Freida's Secret Garden

* Winter Lament

* The Last Drop

* Grandma's Blue Blanket

* Not In My Name

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