Trey Gunn – The Joy Of Molybdenum



1. The Joy Of Molybdenum

2. The Glove

3. Hard Winds Redux

4. Rune Song: The Origin Of Water

5. Untune The Sky

6. Sozzle

7. Gate Of Dreams

8. Brief Encounter

9. Tehlikeli Madde

Trey Gunn- 8, 10 and 12 string touch guitars, mellotron, theremin, shortwave, smokey guitar

Tony Geballe- electric guitar, saz, acoustic 12-string guitar, leslie guitar, UPS guitars

Bob Muller- drum kit, tabla, bandir, darbouka, bodhran, dumbek, gamelan drum, rik, metals, shakers

Recorded by Bob Muller at Dangerous Music and Trey Gunn at Subliminal

Additional recording
by Robert Frazza

Mixed by David Bottrill at Dangerous Music.

Mastered by Chris Muth and Phillip Sztenderowicz at Sterling Sound.

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