PUC ~ recorded through walls

All works © 1995 PUC

Recorded live to 2–track at the Kleinart Gallery, Accord Train Station, & Puc Hole
except Song For The Bogman recorded & mixed in Robert Frazza's living room, by Robert Frazza.


Chris Lané: Looprooms, guitar, the fish, slide & tapes.

Harvey Jones: Synthesizer, beatbox, piano, fades.

Peter Buettner: Wind & electronics.

Carl Adami: Low & beatbox.


1. Here's The Frequency

2. Metaphor Man

3. They Have Gone

4. Conga Pin

5. Dream Closet

6. Through Walls

7. Where Is My Crayon

8. Lull

9. Hymn

10. Black CarilJon

11. Waking Mother Chaos

12. 25 Minutes

13.  Song For The Bogman  

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