Tony Levin | David Torn | Alan White – Levin Torn White

(2011 - Lazy Bones Recordings)

Tony Levin bass and chapman stick
David Torn guitars and textural events
Alan White drums and percussion

Engineered by Robert Frazza, Dave Carnahan, Tony Levin, Jonathan Plum, Scott Schorr, David Torn


1 No Warning Lights

2 Ultra Mullett  

3 White Noise

4 The Hood Fell

5 Monkey Mind

6 Cheese It, The Corpse

7 Convergence

8 Pillow Full of Dark

9 The Eggman Cometh

10 Sleeping Horse

11 Prom Night of the Centipedes

12 Crunch Time

13 Brain Tattoo

14 Lights Out

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