Bill Bruford's Earthworks – Footloose in NYC

Recorded live at The Bottom Line in New York City (2001)

Effortless, elegant and economical,
Bruford personifies the art of the drummer, and his group, Earthworks
"cast new light on the jazz quartet format."
(Los Angeles Times)


1. Revel Without A Pause

2. Never the Same Way Once

3. Original Sin

4. Come to Dust

5. Some Shiver While He Cavorts

6. The Wooden Man Sings, and the Stone Woman Dances

7. The Emperor's New Clothes

8. The Shadow of a Doubt

9. Triplicity

10. Footloose and Fancy Free

11. Cloud Cuckoo Land

12. Bridge of Inhibition

Producer: Woody Bavota for Escape TV

Executive Producer: Bill Bruford for Bill Bruford Productions Ltd

Concert Videographers: Marc Gamboa, Ozren Milharcic

Concert Audio: Robert Frazza

Concert Editor: Marc Gamboa

Lighting: Lauren Duffie

Art Director: Dave McKean at Hourglass

5.1 Surround Sound mixed by: Robert Frazza

DVD Authored by: Toby Richards at S & R Cressidia

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