Eddie Jobson Ultimate Zero Tour – Live

(All Songs copyright used by Permission 2010 Globe Media Artists)

The U–Z Project:

Eddie Jobson- Keyboards, Electric Violin
John Wetton- Vocal, Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Tony Levin- Stick
Greg Howe- Guitar
Rick Rierabracci Bass
Simon Phillips Drums
Marco Minnemann Drums

Live sound & recording by
Robert Frazza, André Chomlmondeley, Keith Wechsler
Drum tech: Chris Gartmann

Disc U:
1) Alaska
2) Presto Vivace
3) In The Dead of Night
4) Starless
5) Book of Saturday
7) Zero 2 (Marco)
8) One More Red Nightmare
9) Caesar's Palace Blues
10) Sahara of Snow Pt.11

Disc Z:
1) Zero 3 [Tony]
2) Red
3) Zero 4 [Trey]
4) Awakening
5) Zero 5 [Eddie]
       *Ice Festival, Theme of Secrets, Prelude
6) Carrying No Cross
7) The Only Thing She Needs
8) Nevermore (Ending)

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